Thursday, January 12, 2023

 See True Audiophile Mini Review & Unboxing. Michell gorgeous Gyro Turntable

The Michell Engineering Gyro SE Turntable. An Icon. A work of art. A sonic delight at its price.

AWARD WINNER PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2022 : To my eyes, the Michell Syro SE is a thing of beauty in every way—from material choice, to design, to build quality which strikes me as fairly astounding given its price. I will be talking about how it sounds in the not too distant future. Right now, I find myself just looking throughout the day to see how the changing light makes a movie in shadows.

True Audiophile is dedicated to providing people with music playback that is as stunning as it is an incredible value at every price point.

The video is a bit long. View it on the product page or our YouTube Channel

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