Thursday, June 6, 2013

More reports from the Newport show

Ok, well, in this case the Human was singing..... the Metrum has gobs of resolution though. John was pretty stunned by the sound and blown away by the room and told us so as he stayed for quite a long time. He forgot to mention the room was shared by Aaudio Imports who supplied the incredible Auralea 309 Speakers, Stage III cables and HB Design Acrylic PowerSlave.

Gary Alpern (right) doesn’t dig his new Metrum Hex…yet. “It sounds broken!” he opines. Fair enough. Not everyone likes everything. It could well be that the Human Audio digital products fronting his demo system are better. Anyway, I’d come to have a quick butchers at the widely/loudly touted Super Sterling 120 (US$4175), the “world’s first single-ended KT120 amplifier” recently birthed by Audion – 25 wpc of pure class A. As mentioned in Part 1 of this coverage, it’s pretty much impossible to judge anything but the system-in-the-room-as-a-whole at hi-fi shows so I’m unable/unwilling to comment on how awesome the beefy new Audion sounds. However, as soon as I spied the DEQX Mate processor (US$4500), Alpern executed a cute demo as to its effectiveness with soundstage focus and overall clarity. DEQX’s US sales manager P.J. Zornosa (left) witnessed my amazement. Thirty seconds was all it took to make me want to own one. Crikey!

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