Monday, June 3, 2013

Show reports coming in - True Audiophile has sound

Most all the show goers said we had one of or the best sound of the whole show. All the reviewers came in and their reviews will be coming in the following days.

This blurp is from Enjoy the Music on the first day:

Aaudio Imports (True Audiophile) room really sounded good. Darn good! Now i rarely start with those comments, especially at a show, so you know if you are here please go listen for yourself. Gear-wise, we have the Audion Black Shadow2 MKII 845 tubed amp, DEQX room correction processor ($13,499 and $4500) plus Stage III Concepts wire ($4600 on up).

The press got as confused as the people at the show thinking the Black Shadows were playing when it was really the new Audion Single Ended KT120 amp. It was a phenomenal hit with everyone. The only negative was people thought we were selling it too cheaply. :)

We did hold the cost down for a special introductory price. Many were sold at the show. Its really a special amp. The Auralea 309 Speakers are incredibly beautiful in person. More on everything when we get back to Portland.

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