Wednesday, June 26, 2013

THE Show Newport show video by AV Showrooms

Here's your chance to see our owner/founder mumble. :-) We give Gary a hard time about that one.

This is what we showed in the room and thanks to Aaudio Imports especially Brian Ackerman and DEQX with PJ Zornosa, who shared the room. Gary stopped to allow Peter to finished the room line up here it is for reference list.


World's first Single Ended KT120 stereo amp
Black Shadows 2 MkII

Human Audio:

Tabla USB-SPDIF converter
Muto Hi-Rez 192/24 DAC
Revelation Audio Labs Digital Cables

Auralea 309 Curved Speakers
HB Cable Design Acrylic Power Center
Stage III cabling thorough out

DEQX room equalization/digital correction

Atomic Audio Labs platforms

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