Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Where to start in your system?

We get a lot of calls on cables and everyone wants to start with either speaker or interconnects. Naturally, these are very important. But unless the power is right you will never hear your investment.

Believe it or not you should start with power. From the wall forward. Get a better power cord first. You'll be surprised. Once you start to hear better power your system will sound better and you'll have a greater idea of what your components need cable-wise.

Even if you don't invest in a power center/conditioner  (which we highly recommend) at least try a power cord. We know, "How can that last few feet from the wall matter when there's literally miles of cables from the power station?"

The reason is its a circle. The better the last section of the power is able to reject noise and complete the circle back to the outlet the better the current to your component. Since we use AC (alternating current) you want the last bit to your system the best conductor it can be and allow the flow from the wall the highest it can achieve. Even customers who use better power cords on their TV's see the difference. That should give us all a clue that if we could see the noise carried by cheap power cords we would never use them.

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